Hi Chicas!

Chicas Jewelry was formed by our head jewelry designer, Natacha Medina (a.k.a. Naty) who has had a lifelong dedication to crafting and designing. Born in Cuba, to an artistic father, Naty recalls the beginning of her interest in jewelry making:

“I grew up watching my dad create earrings and necklaces for my mom, as a hobby in his free time, which he would make from seeds and snail shells. My dad was my hero and I always wanted to follow in his footsteps. Thanks to his support, as a little girl, I learned this art of jewelry making which has been since my life’s passion. In a way, every piece of jewelry I make contains a little bit of his loving heart and keeps his memory alive. I am grateful that I can share this gift he left me and I hope my work brings out the inner beauty in all Chicas wherever they might be”.

Many years later, when Naty was able to take advantage of down time at home, Chicas Jewelry emerged. The business provides Naty an opportunity to share her creative gifts and passion for design and crafts in ways that bring out the beauty in every Chica who knocks at her door.

At Chicas Jewelry, you will find modern custom jewelry, as well as elements to embellish your purses, wallets, keys, and other accessories. We take pride in our craft and put a lot of effort into creating jewelry that captures the essence of the female spirit. We believe every woman has keen and unique insight into her own essence and inner beauty, which is why we invite you to personalize your orders through the options available on our website or by sending us individual request via our contact page. We would love to hear you opinions and suggestions.

Thank you for visiting us at Chicas Jewelry! We hope to see you here again soon!

“Chicas Jewelry – inspiring inner beauty in every Chica”